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CPC Training Courses

CPC Training Courses

From the 10th of September 2008 a new legislative directive came into force with the aim to improve the skills and knowledge of all PCV and LGV drivers throughout their working lives.  The Directive comes in 2 formats:


  • Initial qualification for new bus and truck drivers
  • All new bus (PCV) drivers will have to gain this qualification.  License catagories are: D1, D
  • All new truck (LGV) drives will have to gain this qualification. License catagories are: C1, C
  • Periodic training for current LGV and PCV license holders
  • All bus (PCV) drivers will have to gain this qualification by completing 35 hours of training (5 days) before September 2013.  License catagories are: C1, C1+E, C, C+E.


LGV Training Academy can deliver your Drivers CPC courses at our comfortable location in Wantage (just off the A34).  All courses are presented by a qualified transport industry expert and all courses are delivered with PowerPoint presentations, training aids and all candidates are supplied with handouts of the relevant course for future reference.


Driver CPC Modules

Vehicle Procedures:
To give the drivers a better understanding of vehicle checks and security, traffic accidents procedures and breakdowns, vehicle fires and tunnel procedures.

Driver Regulations:
To bring candidates up to speed and make sure they understand and implement the current regulations. 

Public Safety:
To give drivers a better understanding of basic First Aid and to be able to reduce accidents through better understanding of the implications of driver fatigue.

Driver and vehicle Safety:
To cover all current legislations and show the candidate the issues caused by incorrect drivers techniques.

Load Safety Procedures:
To ensure all candidates are able to safely secure all different kinds of loads of materials following the safe loading procedure.

CPC Driver training with LGV Training academy